AQUAHOLIX was founded over some fish tacos and cervezas, post dive, on a beautiful sunny spring day in San Diego, CA , April of 2017, by a trio of ocean loving souls who just can't get enough of the water. The 4 legged one of the group, their beloved pooch, Puro, shared the deeply rooted and forever growing passion for the water as well. And at times it may have seemed that Puro's passion for the water was unmatchable.

Growing up local here in SD has provided endless ocean and water related opportunities. Swimming, Fishing, Diving, Kayaking, Surfing, Boating! If its water related we love it!

Whether it be simply soaking up the sun on the sand and enjoying the beauty of coastal scenery or underwater hunting for fresh seafood delicacies ranging from pelagics to reef fish & of course crab & spiny lobster, we are truly blessed & "Addicted 2 Water".

Initially, AQUAHOLIX started out as an ocean based tour organization that provided various snorkeling & freediving / spearfishing tours. Soon after we expanded into the apparel side of things focusing on creating awesome, authentic apparel for all those who are "Addicted 2 Water"!